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PRIVACY POLICY and StudentMass (Pty) Ltd treats users privacy very seriously. They do all that they can to ensure that the data held from its users (“you”) is used correctly and protected.

The privacy policy below details what information and StudentMass (Pty) Ltd uses and the ways in which  use this information.

The data collected or stored by is used in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions section of

How does and StudentMass (Pty) Ltd share this data/who with? and StudentMass (Pty) do not pass users' personal data on to third parties.

Personal data may also be disclosed if and StudentMass (Pty) Ltd is requested to do so by law, or receives a valid request for its disclosure – for example fraud prevention measures. These details passed on will not be used for marketing or any other purposes.

In order to offer some aspects of service, may be required to share data with third parties. Where this is the case, will make sure that you are informed and consent to this. The third parties may have their own privacy policies, which will be presented to users prior to their consenting. 

We use your Personal Data in the following ways:

·         facilitate the creation of and secure your Account on our network;

·         identify you as a user in our system;

·         provide improved administration of our Service;

·         improve the quality of experience when you interact with our Service;

·         send you a welcome e-mail to verify ownership of the e-mail address provided when your Account was created;

·         protect you and other users from any conduct that violates the Terms of Use or to prevent abuse or harassment of any user;

·         send you administrative e-mail notifications, such as security or support and maintenance advisories; send you e-mail notifications related to actions on Service, 

·         respond to your enquiries related to employment opportunities or other requests;

·         send emails to you, from time to time, as a part of secondary fraud protection or to solicit your feedback;

·         in any other way we may describe when you provide the Personal Data; and

·         send newsletters, surveys, offers, and other promotional materials related to our Services and for other marketing purposes of

How secure is your data held by and StudentMass (Pty) Ltd ? and StudentMass (Pty) Ltd takes your security and that of the’s website seriously and takes necessary and proper steps to protect any data that and StudentMass (Pty) Ltd has from you.


Cookie policy

Cookies are small pieces of data or information that are stored by a user’s browser onto their hard-drive. The information cannot be seen by any other websites (so the information is secure) and is used by and StudentMass (Pty) Ltd to provide features to aid the use of its services.

For more information regarding the use of cookies, please visit or and StudentMass (Pty) Ltd believe that the cookies used are strictly necessary to offer the services/provisions of Cashback and related services and/or are non-intrusive cookies which are used to enhance the service offered.



3rd Party Cookies

Like many websites, and StudentMass (Pty) Ltd may use cookies to allow third party advertisers (which generally label as "sponsored adverts") to present you with advertising on sites based on interests/preferences defined by your past web browsing activity – also known as ‘behavioural advertising’.

These cookies cannot be used to identify an individual; they can only be used for statistical purposes, for example, in providing you with advertisements that are more relevant to your interests. Some of the information gleaned from third party cookies will be aggregated with other anonymous information for statistical purposes. The third party companies that generate these cookies have their own, very strict, privacy policies but does not have access to these cookies; other than allowing them to be served, and StudentMass (Pty) Ltd has no role to play in these cookies at all (although may use statistical information arising from these third party cookies and provided to and by third parties, to improve the targeting of advertisements to users of the website). 

To find out more about how this works or you are concerned about this, please visit does not share or rent email addresses or information.

Users may request additional information by using’s ‘Contact Us’ form.